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AIPCC's modular refineries and gas plants are fabricated at our 145,064 square meter fabrication facility in Tianjin, China.  In addition, more than 350 people are employed at the yard, with various responsibilities in design and R&D, project management, engineering, procurement, and construction. A significant number of personnel also handle the commercial, financial, IT and administration of the Company. In addition, we are building a state of the art fabrication yard in Edo State, Nigeria; this will be the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. These economies of scale give us a superior advantage, as they allow us to deliver our fully fabricated equipment in the fastest time with the highest quality, adhering to the most stringent and first class international standards.


Modular Crude Oil & Hydroskimming Refineries
1000 BPD - 25000 BPD


Modular Gas Processing & Flare Gas Recovery Plants

LNG/LPG/CNG/Mixed HydroCarbons



Gas to Power
LNG/CNG/NG to Power
1MW - 100MW


AIPCC Energy offers its clients various financing structures for their projects. These include:
Equity Investment
AIPCC has an excellent relationship and reputation with international banks and financial institutions.
We have leveraged on these relationships and delivered these financing structures on our own projects.

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